I would not hesitate to recommend Perfect Week for anyone who is seeking a life-changing physical and mental transformation.
During the retreat my hormonal blueprint was taken which showed my current state of health and directed me to what I should focus on during the week. This was a revelation as it showed an incredible incite into why I find it hard to lose body fat and what I can do about it!
We enjoyed plenty of relaxing yoga sessions, one of which was done amidst the fresh lake waters whilst balancing on a SUP Board! This was coupled with fun beach runs, morning beach workouts, surfing and ocean dips. This variety of activities really helped me release stress and unwind.
The retreat was not only transformational from a perspective of relaxation and improving my life balance, but also resulted in my fastest ever fat loss. I lost a whopping 3% in just five days, (many others on the retreat lost even more!) a result that would usually taken a month or more.


My time at Perfect Week Retreat was the beginning of a journey for me. 
Having failed at getting in shape more times than I can count, trying every diet going and then have a 4 year 'break' before attending. I knew I needed something special to help me reach my goals. Perfect Week Retreat was that something special. 
After my initial tests, my focus for the week was identified. I was prescribed a balanced program of exercise, nutrition, rest & meditation. This felt great from the first day as I knew I was finally on the right path. 
Workshops were held throughout the week to help me understand my mistakes in the past and how to move forward with out fad diets, cheating or gimmicks. 
The week was an amazing experience full of self discovery, varied activities (some of never tried before but will certainly be trying again) relaxation and importantly it all felt fun and manageable. I faced some personal challenges and came out triumphant thanks to the support of the PWR team. 
I can't recommend PWR enough and almost a year on I still practice much of which I learnt on the retreat.  I'm happy to say I've lost an additional 21kg after my initial loss of 3.5kg on the 5 day retreat. 


I attended PWR as I used to be in great shape - that was until work took over my life and I discovered wine and cheese. So I was looking for a retreat where I could reinvent myself. 
I chose very well! PWR had the right amount of everything - yoga, exercise, great food, great outdoors and lifestyle support delivered in a friendly understanding way.
I thought the week would be hours of exercise (which usually put me off). However, balance is at the core of PWR for good reason.  The team explained that exercise is just one part of the whole and it's best to address all parts equally to get a fast effective results. This really worked for me as I didn't feel overwhelmed or out of my depth and I managed to lose 5kg in just a 5 days! Which somehow felt easy! 
I also increased my flexibility, improved my posture, got rid of my neck pain (which I'd had for 18 months prior) but more importantly improved my attitude towards food and exercise. 
What I learnt on the retreat I now include in my daily life and have made the changes permanent. Dropping a further 12kg since the retreat, I'm now at my ideal weight. 
I can't thank the PWR team enough and would highly recommend this retreat for anyone who is looking to successfully change their health for the better.