A Perfect Week Retreat offers you a fully personalised lifestyle, nutrition and fitness experience.

It includes guided activities and workouts, informative workshops, delicious meals, time to spend in nature, relaxation sessions and blissful sleep in luxurious surroundings. After the retreat, you’ll return home feeling revitalised and ready to apply what you’ve learned to your everyday life.



Entry and Exit Consultation with a PWR Wellness Expert


Bespoke Nutrition

Based on Your Consultation Findings, Personal Needs and Goals

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Secrets to Success Workshops

Exploring Each of the Elements of Long Term Health and Wellbeing.


Movement Sessions

Including Cardio and Strength Training

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Yoga and Meditation

Time to Stretch, Restore and Relax Body and Mind


1-2-1 Success Coaching

Personalised Individual Coaching Sessions to Help You Live the Perfect Week Philosophy Long Term