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1. Do you shop for food less frequently than every 4 days?
2. Do you eat more packaged (frozen or canned) fruits and vegetables than fresh?
3. Do you eat more cooked vegetables than raw?
4. Do you eat vegetables with less than 2 meals daily?
5. Do you buy more non organic vegetables than organic?
6. How often do you use a microwave oven?
7. Do you eat white or brown bread more than more often than whole grain breads?
8. Do you eat quick cook grains e.g. Quaker Oats, 3 min rice more than slow cooked organic grains?
9. How often do you consume pasteurised, homogenised milk or cheese?
10. How often do you eat non organic yogurts?
11. Do you eat typical store bought eggs from cage raised chickens (as opposed to free range organic eggs)?
12. Do you eat red meat more than once every four days?
13. Do you commonly eat meats (beef, chicken, turkey) from sources other than a free range and hormone-free source?
14. Do you eat canned fish more frequently than fresh fish?
15. How often do you use commercial salad dressings?
16. How often do you eat foods containing hydrogenated oils?
17. Do you eat nuts or seeds that are salted or roasted?
18. How often do you use sugar as a sweetener?
19. How often do you use artificial sweeteners such as equal, nutria sweet or diet sodas?
20. Do you use white table salt?
21. Do you eat T.V. dinners or highly processed foods more than three times a week?
22. How often do you eat from fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, KFC, Chinese, Indian, Pizza etc?
23. How often do you eat snacks from vending machines e.g. crisps, chocolate etc?
24. Do you drink tap water?
25. How often do you eat some form of store bought dessert such as ice cream, cookies, donuts, cakes or pies?