Below are the answers to some commonly asked questions about our retreats. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to email

Q. How fit do I have to be to join a Perfect Week Retreat?

A. All fitness levels are welcome! All fitness sessions can be adjusted based on each specific clients fitness needs. However, if you have any mobility problems please contact us prior to booking to discuss.

Q. How many yoga / mindfulness sessions are included?

A. Although sessions vary depending on individual and group needs, these sessions will be included daily - most retreats will include 2 sessions per day.

Q. I have allergies - can I still eat the food

A. All food served on our retreats is dairy, wheat and gluten free. If you have any other allergies, please let us know beforehand to ensure that we are able to adjust the menu accordingly.

Q. Do I have to do all the fitness/yoga sessions? 

A. PWR is designed to help you experience the 'perfect healthy week', so all sessions and activities are balanced in a way to ensure that you are not over-stressed. However, it is still your holiday! So if you feel that you need to rest and give some of the sessions a miss, this is totally up to you!

Q. Do we have time to ourselves or is everything planned? 

A. Although we have a fantastic schedule planned for you, there is plenty of time to relax by the pool, read, explore the local area or simply do nothing!

Q. What clothes will i need to bring with me? 

A. You'll need to bring plenty of workout clothes with you for the daily exercise sessions (some of these will get you pretty sweaty!) You'll also want to bring along your swimwear and clothes suitable to stretch in. 

Q. I'm looking for a major detox, is this retreat for me? 

A. One of the main focuses for our retreats is to allow the body to detoxify in a sustainable way. We do not believe in prolonged fasting or juice detoxes, as the body does a great job of detoxing all on its own! But we make sure the body is fuelled in a way to allow liver detoxification throughout the retreat.

Q. I want to do a lot of yoga/meditation is this retreat for me?

A. It's important to note that Perfect Week Retreat is primarily a fitness and nutrition focused retreat. If yoga and meditation are your key priorities, we advise that you look to attend a more yoga focused retreat. We do however include yoga and meditation in all our retreats, as we believe they are a fantastic way to help calm the mind, renew the body and connect with the environment. 

Q. I want to lose weight, is this retreat for me? 

A. Yes! Whilst we are not a 'bootcamp', we believe that shifting unwanted pounds and reaching your ideal body weight is a great way that someone can improve their health and quality of life, so it’s of particular focus on PWR. We aim to educate you during your stay, teaching you new healthy habits that you can take with you back to your normal life, ensuring that you can maintain and continue your healthy journey. 

Q. What types of exercise will be included in the retreats?

A. We teach 3-4 hours of exercise sessions per day, with the types including High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT), Strength, Cardio, Tabata and Mobility work.

Q. What kind of Yoga will we be doing?

A.Difficulty and type of sessions are always based on the group attending.  Methods used include Vinyasa, Yin, Ashtanga, and Hatha yoga.