How to Find a Good Personal Trainer

At this time of year, millions embark upon a fitness regime with little or no knowledge of how to achieve their goals.  You may turn to your gym or fitness facility to help, or you may know someone who will be able to point you in the right direction, but you're likely to be confronted with an abundance of choices if you start looking for a trainer.  

This is what 1000s of people are going to do this year, and unfortunately not all Personal Trainers are created equal, so many may be disappointed with the results they get. 

In my experience working at various fitness facilities over the last 18 years (sometimes with 40 personal trainers in one place), I have been in an ideal place to see 100s of trainers at work - at varying levels of ability!  Unfortunately, I have often been shocked by a lack of professionalism, knowledge and ability to get tangible results from the industry’s supposed elite.  So I’ve decided to come up with an easy, non-embarrassing way to spot a good trainer (or at least not a bad one) that will help you make 2018 the year you changed for the better.


1. Posture

A good trainer knows how important it is to maintain good posture for function, fitness and everyday health. So if you see a trainer looking like the hunchback of Notre Dam, take one step back!

2. Walking the Walk

A fitness trainer should look fit and healthy!

I don’t care if you’re a runner, power lifter, football or rugby player, body fat is body fat and if you’re a trainer, you should know how bad it is to be carrying around excess blubber. 

*Myth Alert - Don’t be fooled by the ‘I’m Bulking to gain muscle myth’, if someone spouts that, they are just showcasing their lack of knowledge.

3. Record Keeping

You must know where you’ve been to know where you’re going. A trainer must have a pen paper, tablet, chalk board or something to plan and more importantly record your sessions. It is essential for progress! 

I don’t care how good your memory is. Nobody can remember the sets and repetitions for 30 sessions a week with 20 different people!

4. Eating and Drinking

When you see a trainer with his/her client they should be focused on getting their client results in the shortest possible time. I get really frustrated when I see trainers eating and drinking while training their clients and not giving them their full attention. When you’re with a client, you should be working and focused - not having lunch!

5. Social Media

If you see a trainer who spends more time taking pictures of themselves than working out, you know the fact that they aren’t human sized is NOT because of their awesome training regimes.  Trainers who take ‘something special’ to get in shape have NO idea what it really takes to improve their body and health because they’ve never really done it.  If you value your time, steer well clear of the #instaposers. They wont be able to take their eyes off the mirror long enough to train you properly anyway!

6. Personality Fit

Ultimately, the best trainer for one is not the best trainer for all. It's important to find someone who you gel with, as you're going to be spending a fair bit of time together. You want someone who you feel comfortable with, who you feel you can trust, and who you feel is going to understand you and your goals. So if something doesn't feel right straight away, it might be worth looking elsewhere. 

Best of Luck! And here's to a very happy and healthy 2018.