7 Pillars of Healthy Living

At Perfect Week Retreat, we believe that there are 7 disciplines which when practised together can help people live their happiest, healthiest lives. We call these our '7 Pillars of Healthy Living'. These pillars are what the PWR ethos is built on, and they drive everything that's included in our retreats.

In this blog, we will give you an introduction to our 7 Pillars of Healthy Living. We will explore each of these areas in depth in a series of blogs over the coming weeks. We will offer expert insights and practical advice for you to integrate into your everyday life, helping you to look and feel your best.


Pillar 1: Movement

It’s what we are all designed to do! Moving our bodies is essential for our health. At PWR, we believe that a combination of cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training is key to keeping us fit, strong and able to take full advantage of life.

Pillar 2: Sleep

Good quality sleep allows our bodies and minds to rest and repair. It helps to cultivate the energy to use in everyday life, and without this, we are more vulnerable to illness, stress and negative energy.

Pillar 3: Nutrition

We believe that good nutrition means fuelling the body the it's supposed to be fuelled. It’s just like filling up a car: if you put the wrong fuel in, it will splutter along for a while and then stop running! Human bodies thrive when they are given a varied diet rich in nutrients. No 2 bodies are the same, but we believe that there are some basic principles that each and every person can benefit from.

Pillar 4: Environmental Connection

You may or may not be aware of the benefits of spending time in nature. We believe that taking time away from laptops, phones, televisions to connect with the environment is hugely beneficial to health. Whether it be walking in the park, swimming in the sea or running along the beach; the perspective, stress relief and energy gained by spending time in nature are wide ranging.

Pillar 5: Biochemistry

Often a completely overlooked area; Bio chemical balance refers to Hormonal balance, correcting nutrient deficiencies and decreasing toxicity within the body.  Imbalance is not easily spotted as it may happen slowly over time, but it can seriously block your path to health and lead to sickness and poor quality of life.  

Pillar 6: Fun

Spending time doing something fun or creative that brings you joy is essential to your mental wellbeing. It’s amazing how healing having fun can be, offering you a boost of positive energy and making you more able to cope with the stresses and complexities of daily life.

Pillar 7: Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a term thrown around a lot. But what exactly does it involve? There are so many ways to practise mindfulness which can be integrated into your daily life. We believe it’s something that most people could benefit from in order to relax and gain awareness.

We’re really excited to be sharing our 7 Pillars of Healthy Living with you and look forward to exploring the first pillar, 'Movement', in our next Blog.

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