Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life, for life? Join us for a luxury UK fitness retreat.

Have you been on bootcamps before but found that you weren’t able to take what you’d practised back to your ‘real life’ and maintain the results? Then Perfect Week Retreats are designed just for you. Combining personalised fitness, nutrition and fun, our luxury Health & Fitness Retreats will help you lose weight whilst giving you the knowledge and motivation to build new routines and live a healthier life for good. 
You’ll enjoy bespoke daily workouts, delicious nutritious food, guided meditation and yoga sessions and time to enjoy the great outdoors. You’ll have time to relax and reset your body and mind, amongst great company and in stunning, luxurious surroundings. We believe that education is the best form of motivation, and so our lifestyle workshops and coaching sessions are designed to give you the knowledge and tools make practical and meaningful changes to your lifestyle.


Understated Luxury

Our retreats are hosted at a selection of handpicked luxurious hotels in stunning locations in the UK.


Bespoke Nutrition

Based on the results of your nutrition consultation, all your delicious, nutritious meals will be designed specifically in line with your individual needs and goals.


Move & Relax

You will experience a range of daily movement sessions, from high intensity training to relaxing yoga. Your personalised program will be created based on your needs.